Review: Speakercraft Cinema Sub 10 Profile

With the introduction of the Cinema Sub 10 Profile SpeakerCraft now offers the latest trimless grille design with an in-wall subwoofer, and this makes it the only trimless in-wall subwoofer available.
Great bass is an integral part of any music or home cinema system. Since the amount of air movement needed to generate good bass is substantial, subwoofers with dedicated enclosures and amplification have become a must-have component in high-performance systems.
The drawback until now has been aesthetics. Subwoofers (and the enclosures they are built into) are generally big and bulky. Inevitably, many systems are designed with the subwoofer destined for the corner of the room, often to be used as a plant stand. Building your subwoofer into the fabric of the building, as you can with the Speakercraft Cinema Sub 10 Profile, eliminates this problem and allows your subwoofer to blend into the décor with the rest of the speakers.
In-wall subwoofers typically comprise of three parts; the subwoofer driver itself, an in-wall sound enclosure to contain the sound and reinforce the lower frequencies, and an amplifier to provide power, as home cinema amplifiers don’t offer an amplified output for subwoofers. In the Speakercraft Cinema Sub 10 Profile, performance is optimised by carefully designing the bass driver, cabinet, and amplifier as a single system.
The final result is an in-wall subwoofer that is almost invisible and performs like floor standing equivalents.