Sonos Speakers add Alexa Voice Control for Apple Music

For the first time, the Sonos One and the Sonos Beam are able to control Apple Music directly. Controlling Apple Music with voice commands was a feature reserved for Apple’s Homepod - a direct competitor to the Sonos One - and Amazon Echo devices, but now owners of the Sonos One and Sonos Beam in the US, UK and Ireland can utilise this feature directly.

Sonos Apple Music Compatibility

All that is required to enable Apple Music voice control is an update to the latest version of both the Sonos and Amazon Alexa App. Users can then go into Alexa app and enable the Apple Music skill, link their Apple Music account and start using voice commands with their Sonos products. Commands like ‘Play Beats 1 Radio on Apple Music’ or ‘Play my Party Playlist on Apple Music’ will now work.

Whilst it’s unclear whether this Apple Music feature is going to roll out for other Alexa-enabled products in the future it is certainly a big step for Sonos users!

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