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The Lithe Audio Range Explained + Video

Lithe Audio Speaker Range

Here's an in-depth explanation of Lithe Audio speakers range, including wifi and Bluetooth ceiling speakers for the whole house as well as the bathroom. Rock garden speakers and small 3-inch speakers are also featured. 

The Best Ceiling Speakers + VIDEO

The Best Ceiling Speakers + VIDEO
When shopping for ceiling speakers there are many similar options available, and for first time buyers it can be hard to know what the difference is between one model or another. One of the questions our customers ask us most is ‘what are the best ceiling speakers?’, and so we've put together a list to help you choose.

The Best Outdoor Speakers For Your Garden + VIDEO

Best Outdoor Speakers Banner
  With Summer on our doorstep, people are asking us about the best ways to have audio in their garden. Whether you’re after a relaxing soundtrack ...

The Sonos Alarm Feature

Sonos Alarm Feature
Among the many great features that Sonos products offer is a useful set of alarm functions which, given the increasing popularity of ‘smart home’ technology, do not get talked about as much as they should.

A Guide to Setting up Lithe Audio's Bluetooth and WiFi Speakers + Video

Lithe Audio Set Up Guide

Lithe Audio’s range of speakers have offered a new alternative to the typical ‘speakers and amplifier’ set-up of home audio solutions by combining the two into one product. Whilst their active speakers are the closest thing to ‘plug and play’ installed speakers, there are still a few steps that need to be taken to get going with them. This article will aim to make the set up of your new Lithe Audio speakers as easy as possible, and if you'd rather watch a video explanation you can find one at the bottom of the article.

What is a Ceiling Speaker Fire Hood and When Do I Need One?

Fire Hoods
  Fire Hoods are recommended and often required whenever ceiling speakers are installed, but what are they and when do you need one?  1. What is a...