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Bluesound is a performance driven platform of wireless high-resolution audio players and speakers that allow you to stream all the music ever recorded, wirelessly to every room in your home.

Bluesound  is an alliance of designers, engineers, audiophiles and music lovers dedicated to crafting premium quality products that reproduce studio-quality sound with unmatched precision. Bluesound is the future of home audio.

Connect your favourite streaming service or your own digital music collection to the Bluesound Controller App, and stream all of your favourite music - all over your home. Bluesound imports all your favourites and pre-built playlists, and even allows you to build and save new playlists from any mix-and-match of all the streaming sources you use. With smartphone, tablet, and desktop versions of iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows & MAC OSX, the music playing experience has never been more intuitive and powerful.

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