Passive In-Wall Speakers (Wired)

Passive hardwired speakers are the most common type of in-wall speaker. They are powered and controlled from an external amplifier or AV receiver which is connected to the speakers via speaker cable.

In-wall speakers are often installed in home cinema systems, but they can also be used for 2-channel stereo music applications. They provide a high quality alternative to freestanding speakers. A common use in home cinema is for front left, centre and right channels, where dedicated LCR models can be mounted horizontally and vertically around a TV for discreet, high quality audio with accurate imaging - something which is critical in multi-channel speaker setups.

See Nothing, Hear Everything

We're passionate about 'see nothing, hear everything' audio, so if you need any assistance please get in touch. In-wall speakers are the perfect solution for discreet home audio and cinema systems. Enjoy high quality sound for music, movies, sports and gaming without the need for traditional cumbersome freestanding speakers.

We stock a huge range of in-wall speakers for music and home cinema applications from top manufacturers including Bowers & Wilkins, Monitor Audio, KEF, DALI, Focal, JBLSonos and many more. Whatever your budget, we have great speakers to make your home audio project sound amazing!

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