Wired In-Wall Speakers, also known as passive in-wall speakers, are the most common type of in-wall speakers. They require speaker cable which runs back to an amplifier that supplies power to the speaker as well as the audio signal. Wired in-wall speakers can allow for better quality audio than speakers with built-in amplifiers as the amplifier that powers the wired speakers is often a lot more powerful. Whilst the speakers themselves are wired, some amplifiers by brands like SONOS, HEOS and Bluesound will still allow you to control your audio system on your smartphone, tablet or computer, often through a dedicated app.

In-Ceiling Speakers can also be used for in-wall installations, the only difference is the shape. You read more about it in our blog post about The Difference Between In-Ceiling and In-Wall Speakers.

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PLEASE NOTE: Most in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are designed to utilise the installation cavity as an acoustic enclosure. As a result, this type of open-backed custom install speaker must be installed to achieve optimum performance. Testing them without an enclosure will not allow the speakers to produce their true sound quality.