Home Cinema In-Ceiling Speakers

In-ceiling speakers can be used to create ultra discreet home cinema systems is situations where the use of on-wall, in-wall or freestanding speakers may not be possible or desirable. In-ceiling speakers can be used for all surround sound channels or in combination with other speaker types.

It is important to choose the right type of in-ceiling speaker as different channels have different requirements. For example, any typical downward firing in-ceiling speakers are suitable for Dolby Atmos channels, whereas for front LCR (left/centre/right) channels a dedicated angled speaker or one with a pivoting drive unit is recommended for best imaging.

To help recommend the right speakers for the job, we have product collections dedicated to specific surround sound channels.

In-Ceiling LCR Speakers (Left/Centre/Right)
In-Ceiling Dolby Atmos Speakers
In-Ceiling Surround Speakers
In-Ceiling Dipole Surround Speakers
In-Ceiling Subwoofers 

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