Speaker Switches & Volume Controls

Speaker switches can be wired between a stereo amplifier, like the Sonos Amp, and passive speakers to provide on/off control of individual stereo pairs. This can be helpful to provide a certain level of zoning when using multiple speakers on one amp. For example, you could use a speaker switch to add a pair of outdoor speakers to and indoor system so they can be switched on as required.

We have a selection of switches which range from manual models to Wi-Fi connected app controlled models for added convenience. Switches vary depending on the number of stereo speakers (ways) they can switch. A 2-way switch can control 2 stereo pairs, a 3-way switch 3 pairs, and so on.

Speaker switches can also be used to assist with load matching when wiring multiple speakers to one amplifier. Wiring 4 speakers to an amplifier is usually fine as long as the speakers are 8 ohms. However connecting more than 4 speakers, or using multiple speakers with a lower impedance can damage an amplifier if wired incorrectly. These speaker switches use series, or a combination of series and parallel switching to ensure that the load on the amplifier is always safe.

PLEASE NOTE: Multi-way speaker switches do have some limitations; The volume is not adjustable per zone/speaker pair. The amplifier power is shared across all speakers, so the more speakers that are switch on, the less power is available to each pair. A stereo speaker switch cannot switch a single mono speaker, so stereo pairs or single stereo models must be used.

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