Multi-Room Amplifiers

Multi-room amplifiers are designed to power one or more zones in a multi-room audio setup. They are the perfect partner to architectural speakers for discreet whole-home audio. The majority of our multi-room amplifiers will power and single zone or room with typically 1-4 speakers (for 1 speaker a single stereo model must be used). Whereas a few multi-room amplifiers provide amplification and control for multiple zones.

By linking multiple amplifiers together (via Wi-Fi or Ethernet) you can create a scalable multi-room audio system for small or large projects. Each amplifier will provide independent audio for a particular zone, with the option to group zones together for parties or background music. Systems like Sonos also support options for TV audio, wireless speakers, and portable speakers, all with the same multi-room audio functionality.

These multi-room audio systems are controlled via mobile apps giving the whole family easy access to play their own music without any complicated hardware. Stream endless content from audio services including music, internet radio, podcasts and audiobooks. They can also be integrated with PCs and network hard drives to play your own digital music collection.

Whether it's 1 zone or 30, these amplifiers are a great way to enjoy music through virtually any speakers.

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