Specification Icons

Our specification icons help you view key product features at a glance so you can compare products and easily select the right one for you. Here are some further details about what these icons mean.

Passive speakers must be powered by an amplifier. A passive speaker has positive and negative inputs which must be connected to the output of the amplifier with 2-core speaker cable (4-core is required for dual input single stereo speakers).
Active speakers have a built-in amplifier so don't require any additional equipment to function. They need a permanent mains power supply (however some portable speakers are battery operated).
These speakers are sold singly (unless a multipack option is available). They are mono speakers which must be used in multiples of 2 when connecting to a stereo amplifier. Multi-channel surround sound systems require an odd number of speakers, so these may also be suitable for that application.
These speakers are packaged and sold as a pair and cannot be purchased individually (with the exception of some active speaker models).
These speakers are single stereo models. They feature dual tweeters and separate left and right inputs to provide stereo sound from a single speaker. They are a popular choice for smaller spaces like bathrooms and en-suites. This type of speaker must be wired back to an amplifier using 4-core cable.
This icon indicates the size in inches of the speaker's main drive unit(s). As a rule, larger drivers can produce lower frequencies for better bass response. They also typically have a higher maximum power handling.
Measured in ohms, impedance is the resistance or load that a speaker puts on an amplifier. When multiple speakers are connected to an amplifier channel in parallel (doubled up on the terminals) this actually has the effect of reducing the total resistance (1/Rt = 1/R1 + 1/R2 ...). Most amplifiers are rated at 4-16 ohms, so care should be taken to stay within this range. If the total impedance in parallel is less than 4 ohms then the speakers should be wired in series.
100V line speakers (70V in the US) are a specialist type of speaker normally designed for large scale or commercial applications. A 100V line speaker powered by a 100V line amplifier can send audio over very long cables without degradation, and enables multiple speakers to be connected together without the impedance constraints of traditional low impedance systems.
Outdoor speakers are weatherproof and designed to be installed outside all year round. They can also be used for damp indoor environments like bathrooms, wet rooms, saunas and swimming pools. Some models have an IP (Ingress Protection) rating which classifies their level of dust and moisture resistance. You can learn more about IP ratings in our blog on the subject.
These speakers have pivoting tweeters or drivers which help direct sound towards the listening area. This helps with off-axis speaker placement, or to target seating areas in surround sound applications.
These products have Bluetooth connectivity. A phone or other device can only connect to one Bluetooth audio system at a time. Therefore with Bluetooth speakers and amplifiers it's not possible to stream music to multiple products simultaneously. For multi-room applications please choose a Wi-Fi compatible product.
These products have Wi-Fi connectivity. This usually indicates that the speaker or amplifier is suitable for use in a multi-zone setup where speakers can be grouped together to play as one. It may also indicate that the product has features like Apple AirPlay or Chromecast (please always check the product description for full details).
These products have Ethernet connectivity. Ethernet provides a hardwired network connection to your internet router. Where possible Ethernet is favoured over Wi-Fi as it is generally much more reliable and supports faster connection speeds.
Apple Airplay 2 is a wireless streaming technology that allows iPhones, iPads and Macs to stream audio and video to compatible device directly from the iOS user interface.
Similar to Apple Airplay 2, Chromecast is a wireless streaming technology which allows Android users to stream music and video to compatible devices directly from supported apps.
Speakers with the Music icon are suitable for stereo music systems. Single mono speakers which are packaged individually and indicated by the 'Single' icon must be purchased in multiples of two when connecting to a stereo amplifier.
Speakers with the Cinema icon are either dedicated products designed for multi-channel surround sound systems, or ones which we highly recommend for this purpose. It should be noted that the majority of speakers are suitable for use as surround and/or Atmos channels, so this icon does not apply to that application, and instead focuses on front speakers and subwoofers.


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