Outdoor Subwoofers

Outdoor subwoofers can be used in conjunction with smaller satellite speakers to create discreet high quality outdoor audio systems. They can also be used with any outdoor speakers to provide bass reinforcement.

The majority of outdoor subwoofers are designed to be buried in the ground. This not only aids performance, but it also conceals the large enclosures typical of subwoofers. The only visible element is an audio vent protruding above ground. Other outdoor subwoofer types include rock and in-ceiling models.

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike traditional active indoor subwoofers, outdoor subs are passive and therefore don't have any internal amplification. Since an outdoor environment is not suitable for electronics, all outdoor subwoofers must be powered from a separate subwoofer amplifier and connected with 2-core or 4-core speaker cable. If you require any assistance putting together a system, please get in touch.

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