Ceiling Speakers for Wet Rooms & Showers

When choosing an in-ceiling speaker for a small wet room or shower cubicle, we recommend a single stereo model which has an IP (Ingress Protection) rating to ensure that it can cope with damp, high humidity and direct water contact.

These passive (non-amplified) models have all been designed to cope with a range of environmental conditions including water, dust, salt spray and UV. Making them perfect for music in everyday wet environments like wet rooms, showers, and even saunas. For IP rated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers with built-in amplifiers, please see our range of Active IP Rated In-Ceiling Speakers.

IMPORTANT: Single stereo speakers have separate left/right inputs and must therefore be treated as a stereo pair for wiring. Although they are a single speaker, they must be wired with either a 4-core cable or 2x 2-core cables to enable the wiring of both the left and right channels. A common installation mistake is to assume that a single stereo speaker only needs one cable because it is one speaker. It is not possible to wire a single stereo speaker to a stereo amplifier with a single 2-core cable. Please contact us if you require any assistance.

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