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When shopping for ceiling speakers there are many similar options available, and for first-time buyers, it can be hard to know what the difference is between one model or another. One of the questions our customers ask us most is ‘what are the best ceiling speakers?’, and so to help you make a decision we have put together a list of recommended and best selling speakers in various price ranges.

We believe that all of the products we stock are excellent solutions for home audio systems, but some speakers are best suited for certain applications than others. We have tried to include speakers that are suitable for a range of standard applications in this list, from bedrooms and living rooms to kitchens and home offices. Speaker quality is representative of the price point, but even our lowest price point speakers will deliver a good quality of sound. All of the speakers listed are passive, meaning they will need an amplifier and speaker cable to power them, and the price given is for a pair.


1. Up To £150 - Entry Level Options

2. £150 - £200 - Mid-Range Options

3. £200 - £350 - Our Most Popular Price Point

4. £350 - £520 - Higher-Performance Products

5. £520 - £700 - Heavyweight Designs

6. £700+ - The Ultimate In Installed Speaker Quality

7. VIDEO SUMMARY - Top 5 Ceiling Speakers




Lithe Audio FLC-6Lithe Audio FLC-6 - £150 Per Pair - Lithe Audio’s FLC-6 ceiling speaker is an excellent solution when your budget is tight but you still want a sufficient quality system. Featuring a 6.5 inch woven Kevlar bass driver and a 25mm tweeter this model will deliver clear, powerful sound on a budget!


BluCube CCL-650BluCube CCL-650 - £149 Per Pair - BluCube’s entry-level CCL-650 ceiling speaker is an outstanding model for its price. Whilst it doesn’t feature the kevlar woven driver that their BCK range offers, its 6.5-inch bass driver and 25mm tweeter deliver an all-round good performance that makes it a popular choice for lower budget installations.


SpeakerCraft WH6.1RSpeakerCraft WH6.1R - £119 Per Pair - SpeakerCraft’s WH6.1R model offers reasonable performance at a great price and is one of our best-performing products with thousands sold. These speakers are very popular with contractors providing a baseline whole-house audio system due to their sturdy build and are great as a general-purpose speaker when the price is a concern.


£150 - £200 - MID-RANGE OPTIONS


Wharfedale WCM-65Wharfedale WCM-65 - £199 Per Pair - Wharfedale’s WCM-65 speaker is a newcomer and has really impressed us with its audio quality. The model features a rigid polypropene bass driver that delivers an impressive response when combined with the 25mm titanium dome tweeter which can also be pivoted to achieve a more directional sound.


Q Acoustics Qi65CQ Acoustics Qi65C - £199 Per Pair - The Q Acoustics QI65C is a great all-round speaker comprised of a 6.5 inch bass driver and pivoting 25mm tweeter for directionality. As with all Q Acoustics speakers, it promises great sound with minimal installation.


SPeakerCraft CRS6 ZeroSpeakerCraft CRS6 Zero - £198 Per PairThe CRS6 Zero by SpeakerCraft is one of our best selling products, boasting a 6.5 inch polypropylene bass driver and 25mm liquid-cooled silk dome tweeter. Whilst the price is low, these speakers are made from high-quality components and deliver immersive audio, as well as carrying the benefit of SpeakerCraft’s lifetime guarantee.


BluCube BCP-65BluCube BCP-65 - £199 Per PairBluCube’s BCP-65 speakers provide a performance which excels their price point. A step above their entry-level speakers, the BCP-65 features a 6.5 inch bass driver and adjustable 25mm tweeter to allow for directional sound.




Monitor Audio CS180RMonitor Audio CS180R – £330 Per PairThe Monitor Audio CS180R represents a step up in audio quality from their entry-level models. The larger 8 inch bass driver delivers a powerful bass response with the pivoting C-CAM tweeter taking care of the mid and high-level frequencies. This is all housed in an impressively slimline chassis with a mounting depth of just 99mm.


Q Acoustics Qi80CQ Acoustics Qi80C - £299 Per PairThe Qi80C from Q Acoustics manages to fit an 8 inch bass driver and pivoting 25mm tweeter into a relatively compact chassis, combining smooth treble sounds with well-defined bass response. It is a great budget 8 inch speaker for the performance you will get.
Whardedale WCM-80Wharfedale WCM-80 - £259 Per Pair - Wharfedale’s WCM-80 model is the cheapest 8 inch model on this list, making it an excellent choice for improved audio quality on a budget. Combining a polypropylene driver with pivoting titanium dome tweeters this speaker delivers a big sound!
Monitor Audio CS160RMonitor Audio CS160R - £270 Per Pair - The CS160R from Monitor Audio, despite being the only speaker in this price range with a smaller 6.5 inch driver, still delivers excellent quality of audio and is well worth considering for smaller rooms where 8 inch drivers may be too intrusive. It complements its driver with a C-CAM pivoting gold dome tweeter.



Monitor Audio C280IDCMonitor Audio C280IDC - £520 Per PairMonitor Audio’s C280IDC represents a significant step up in audio quality. The 3-way design features an 8 inch bass driver as well as a pivoting module which holds the dedicated C-CAM mid-driver and a tweeter for the high-end frequencies that, when combined, provide superior audio performance and flexibility.


BluCube BCK-80BluCube BCK-80 - £399 Per Pair - The BluCube BCK-80 represents the top tier of BluCube’s speakers. The 8 inch Kevlar bass driver provides clear, powerful bass which is supplemented by the titanium dome tweeter able to be titled 30 degrees for improved directionality.


Monitor Audio C265IDCMonitor Audio C265IDC - £460 Per Pair - The Monitor Audio C265IDC is the smaller version of the 280IDC, featuring the same 3-way design and pivoting module that holds the C-CAM mid-driver and a tweeter for the high-end frequencies, but with a 6.5 inch bass driver. The C265IDC will still provide high-quality audio but may be more suited to a smaller room compared to the 280IDC.


KEF Ci160QRKEF Ci160QR - £440 Per Pair - KEF’s Ci160QR utilises their patented Uni-Q driver which allows the 25mm aluminium dome tweeter to act as one with the 6.5 inch bass driver and disperse high-quality audio widely and evenly across a room and removing the ‘sweet spot’ effect you often hear with cheaper models.




Monitor Audio C380IDCMonitor Audio C380IDC - £660 Per PairMonitor Audio’s C380IDC is an exceptional speaker and will provide incredibly high-quality audio. It makes use of their unique pivoting mid-range driver and tweeter module along with an 8 inch bass driver, meaning each frequency level has its own driver, giving you perfect audio clarity.


SpeakerCraft Profile AIM8 OneSpeakerCraft Profile AIM8 One - £578 Per PairThe Profile AIM8 One from SpeakerCraft features an 8 inch polypropylene bass driver and a treated silk dome 25mm tweeter, both of which sit on a chassis that is pivotable, allowing for not only incredibly high-quality audio but also an entirely directional sound. It also has the added benefit of SpeakerCraft’s lifetime guarantee.


KEF Ci200QRKEF Ci200QR - £600 Per PairKEF’s Ci200QR again uses their trademark Uni-Q driver technology to allow the 25mm aluminium dome tweeter to act as one with the bass driver that has been increased to an 8 inch size for increased bass response. This results in a wide and even dispersion of high-quality audio and eliminates the ‘sweet spot’ effect that can occur with more budget models.




Monitor Audio PLC-IIMonitor Audio Platinum PLC-II - £1998 Per Pair - The Platinum PLC-II from Monitor Audio represents the best we sell in terms of sound quality. Boasting an 8 inch long-throw bass driver and two mid-range C-CAM drivers along with a micro pleated diaphragm transducer, this speaker delivers excellent audio accuracy. You will certainly hear your money’s worth.


SpeakerCraft Profile AIM8 THREE Series 2SpeakerCraft Profile AIM8 THREE Series 2 - £1366 Per Pair - SpeakerCraft’s Profile AIM8 THREE Series 2 features their latest technological advances in the form of an array of four tweeters sat on top of an 8 inch bass driver. The tweeters and bass driver can be pivoted 15 degrees independently as well as rotated 359 degrees together, allowing for almost unlimited directionality and sophisticated sonic performance. It also has the added bonus of SpeakerCraft’s lifetime warranty.


KEF Ci200RR-THXKEF Ci200RR-THX - £950 Per Pair - KEF’s Ci200QR again uses their trademark Uni-Q driver technology to allow the 25mm aluminium dome tweeter to act as one with the bass driver, which in turn has been increased to an 8 inch size for much a deeper bass response and the widest ever sound dispersion. This is the only ceiling speaker to have passed THX certification.


VIDEO SUMMARY - Top 5 Ceiling Speakers

If you want to watch a shorter video summary of our 5 best ceiling speakers, check it out below:


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