The Best Outdoor Speakers For Your Garden + VIDEO


With Summer on our doorstep, people are asking us about the best ways to have audio in their garden. Whether you’re after a relaxing soundtrack on the patio or poolside or something a little louder for a barbecue or garden party there is now a wide variety of solutions available, all of which can fill your outdoor space with high quality audio.


1. Weatherproof In-Ceiling Models

2. Wall-Mounted Designs

3. In Ground and Pendant Speakers

4. Rock Speakers

5. Subwoofers

5. VIDEO SUMMARY - The Best Outdoor Speakers For Your Garden


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Weatherproof in-ceiling speakers are a great option for locations such as soffits or under balconies as they offer the most discreet solution for an outdoor audio system, as well as providing high quality audio for your garden. They will withstand high levels of moisture and humidity but shouldn’t be exposed directly to the elements. The outdoor in-ceiling options we have on our site are passive and so will require an external amplifier and speaker cable to power them.

Some great examples of these speakers are:

Monitor Audio AWC265Monitor Audio AWC265 - Featuring a 6.5 inch bass driver and a 25mm tweeter, as well as being IP 55 rated, a pair of these would provide high quality audio for your patio.

Q Install QI 65CWST IPX4Q Install QI 65CW IPX4 ST - If there isn't enough room for two in-ceiling speakers in your soffit then this model is able to provide high quality audio through its dual 25mm tweeters. It is also IPX4 rated.










Wall mounted outdoor speakers

On-wall speakers have been the traditional way of implementing an outdoor sound system and are still a very reliable solution for great sounding garden audio. Straightforward to fix onto exterior walls either vertically or horizontally, they are supplied with sturdy wall brackets as standard and can be angled towards your listening area. As with the in-ceiling options the on-wall models we sell are passive and will require an external amplifier and speaker cable to power them.

Some of our most popular wall-mounted garden speakers are:

Speakercraft oe5 oneSpeakerCraft OE5 One - With a 5 inch bass driver and a 25mm tweeter a pair of these will fill your garden with high quality audio. 

Speakercraft 0e6 dt oneSpeakerCraft OE6 DT One - Should you just want to have one on-wall speaker for stereo sound this model features two tweeters for left and right channels along with a 6.5 inch bass driver to guarantee a quality audio experience. 





Outdoor pendant speakers

In ground and pendant speakers are a more recent addition to the range of outdoor speakers available and, whilst providing high quality audio for mid and high level frequencies, are designed ideally to be used in conjunction with an outdoor subwoofer to provide the lowest bass frequencies. Using multiple speakers in this configuration can give a wide spread of sound around a large outdoor space. These speakers are passive and need an external amplifier and speaker cable to power them.

Great examples of in ground and pendant speakers are:

Speakercraft og threeSpeakerCraft OG THREE – A unique speaker that can be hidden anywhere in the garden. Provides great mid and high frequencies but would be complimented by an underground subwoofer due to its size. 

Monitor Audio CLG140Monitor Audio CLG140 - A versatile model that can be placed discreetly in the ground or even mounted on a tree! Guarantees high quality mid/high level frequencies but would sound best when combined with an underground subwoofer.



Rock Speakers

Whilst unusual-looking in their own right, rock speakers are designed to be concealed within flower beds and borders for the ultimate discreet solution for invisible sound around the garden. The best models are able to offer a surprising level of bass response and give a very full sound around a garden area. Whilst most rock speakers are passive and will require an external amplifier and speaker cable to power them, active models are also available which simply need a power supply and can be connected to via bluetooth on your handheld device.

Some great options are:

Speakercraft ruckus6 oneSpeakerCraft Ruckus6 One - A speaker designed to blend in visually outdoors and provide quality sound that rivals most indoor speakers. 

Q Install QI65LWQ Install QI 65LW - Featuring an impressive 6.5 inch bass driver and 25mm tweeter this discreet rock speaker is able to provide a full and clear sound even at high volumes, making it perfectly suited for your garden.

Lithe Audio Rock SpeakerLithe Audio Bluetooth Garden Rock Speaker - Combining the unique rock design with a built-in amplifier, this speaker is perfect as a standalone garden audio solution. With bluetooth connectivity built in, all you need to do is connect using your device and you are ready to go!


Underground subwoofers

Outdoor subwoofers are mainly designed to be buried underground, so the bulk of the unit is not visible. However other models exist which are typically disguised as plant pots so they can be hidden amongst others on the patio. Whilst outdoor subwoofers would typically be used in conjunction with in ground and pendant speakers to supplement the lower bass frequencies they can be used for any system if you are after a sound system that is a little more powerful…

Some popular underground subwoofers we stock are:

Polk Atrium Sub 100Polk Audio Atrium Sub 100 - A heavy duty outdoor subwoofer with a 200mm driver guaranteed to provide indoor-level bass throughout your garden. The Atrium 100 can also be painted to match whatever surroundings you place it in.

Monitor Audio CLG-W12Monitor Audio CLG-W12 - Designed to be installed underground, this sub has a 12 inch driver and is the perfect compliment to the CLG140 speakers. When combined they will provide a full sound guaranteed to get any garden party going!


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VIDEO SUMMARY - The Best Outdoor Speakers For Your Garden


If you want to watch a shorter video summary of our best outdoor speakers, check it out below:



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