Sonos Alarm Feature

The Sonos Alarm Feature

, by Louis Watton Collaborator, 3 min reading time

Among the many great features that Sonos products offer is a useful set of alarm functions which, given the increasing popularity of ‘smart home’ technology, do not get talked about as much as they should. Below is an example of the versatility of this feature based on one of our team member’s real life setup:

Sonos Alarm Feature

Master Bedroom: This is set to BBC Radio 6 Music at 0645 Monday-Friday at volume 15. BBC Radio 1 on Saturday at 0700 at volume 20 and a 'Sunday playlist' on Spotify at 0800 at volume 12 on Sunday. All alarms turn themselves off after one hour. The kids have been told that it isn't breakfast time yet if the music isn't playing...

Bathroom: This is set to come on 10 minutes later than the bedroom every day, with exactly the same material, and turns itself off after an hour.

Son's Bedroom: This is usually set to either BBC Radio 6 Music or a Spotify playlist and comes on at 0700 Monday - Friday and 0715 on Saturday. He doesn't have a smartphone or tablet so he can't interfere with it, and we make changes together when he decides he would like something different.

Kitchen: This comes on with the same material at exactly the same time as the bedroom, but at slightly louder volume levels as this is a bigger room. Again these turn off after an hour, which is the kid's signal that breakfast time is over and it's time to go and get ready for school!


Sonos Alarm Screenshot 1Sonos Alarm Screenshot 2Sonos Alarm Screenshot 3


One-off alarms can be set for special occasions like early meetings or going on holiday. A maximum of 32 alarms can be preset, which should be more than enough for a typical household. They are very easy to set up within the app and can be created in a manner of seconds.

All alarms fade themselves in rather than just coming on directly at the preset volumes, and if the internet connection fails any online services are replaced by a chime to make sure that you still wake up. When a Sonos alarm goes off, it will appear on the lock screen of iOS or Android devices and allows you to snooze or dismiss the alarm.

The system also incorporates a sleep timer, so if you listen to music at bedtime you can set this to turn itself off at various intervals up to 2 hours.

The Sonos Alarm feature is available on any of their products through the Sonos App and in our opinion is a very useful (and criminally underrated) feature. They also recently added Alexa Voice Control for Apple Music.

As always, we are more than happy to help you with any questions you have about any of our products, or planning an audio system in general. You can submit a contact form here, email us at or just give us a ring on 03456 804 104.

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