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Kitchen and Living Room Ceiling Speakers

Top 5 Kitchen & Living Room Ceiling Speakers

, by DD Digital Collaborator, 4 min reading time

Top 5 Kitchen Ceiling Speakers

The kitchen and living room are the areas where most people want to install ceiling speakers. 

Generally speaking, kitchens and living rooms are fairly large rooms and in order to cover the whole space with sound, you would require speakers that can provide a wide range of frequencies. These speakers normally have a wide bass drive or cone, usually around 8-Inch, and can provide an optimum bass response and sound dispersion. 

if you want to browse ceiling speakers by room size, check out our Speakers By Size collections.

As for the Kitchen and Living room, we have selected five of the best ceiling speakers we would normally recommend.



If you have or are planning to get an amplifier you will need passive ceiling speakers. They are usually cheaper than powered models and provide higher audio quality.

Here are our selected passive ceiling speakers for the kitchen and living room.


Whardedale WCM-80Wharfedale WCM-80 - £259 Per Pair - Wharfedale’s WCM-80 model is relatively cheap for an 8-inch model, making it an excellent choice for audio quality on a budget. These speakers have a good frequency response and with their pivotable tweeters, can deliver a big sound that will fill your kitchen or living room area.

Monitor Audio CS180RMonitor Audio CS180R – £330 Per Pair - The Monitor Audio CS180R represents a step up in audio quality from more entry-level speakers. The 8-inch woofer delivers a powerful bass response with the pivoting C-CAM tweeter handling of the mid and high-level frequencies. An excellent choice for great sound in your home.

SpeakerCraft Profile AIM8 OneSpeakerCraft Profile AIM8 One £578 Per Pair - The Profile AIM8 One from SpeakerCraft boasts an 8-inch polypropylene bass driver and a treated silk dome 25mm tweeter, both of which sit on an entirely pivotable chassis meaning not only are you getting incredibly high-quality audio but you can also choose where sound is going to be directed to in your kitchen or living room area.



If you only want a pair of ceiling speakers, without the need of an external amplifier, you have the option of buying active ceiling speakers. They will have to be plugged into your standard 240V socket and can receive sound via Bluetooth or Wifi.  With active wireless ceiling speakers, you will be able to control your music from an App on your personal device.

If you have decided to go for active ceiling speakers we have some great products from Lithe Audio, the leading manufacturer for speakers with built-in amplifiers:


Lithe Bluetooth Lithe Audio Bluetooth Speakers - £269 Per Pair - This pair of Bluetooth ceiling speakers from Lithe is made of a 'master' active speaker (which has to be connected to the mains power) and a "slave" passive speaker, linked to the active speakers via a standard audio cable. They feature a 6.5-inch bass driver and can be connected via Bluetooth to your personal device and controlled via an App. 

Lithe WiFi Standard SpeakerLithe Audio WF-650 WiFi Speakers £399 Per Pair -  Similar to the Bluetooth model, this WiFi ceiling speaker pair features a master model with WiFi connectivity, capable of driving the slave speaker and providing great stereo sound for your kitchen.


If you want to see how the speakers look like, watch our video about The Best Kitchen Ceiling Speakers or you can read the extended article on our sister site ceiling-speakers.co.uk/best-kitchen-speakers.


We are happy to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to send us an email at sales@ceilingspeakerworld.co.uk



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