Ceiling Speakers for Small Rooms

In small rooms up to approximately 8m² (eg. a small bedroom or office) in may not be practical to install a pair of in-ceiling speakers for left and right channels, especially when trying to fit them in around downlights for example. In this situation a Single Stereo in-ceiling speaker is a good solution. This is a special type of speaker that has one main drive unit with dual voice coils, and two separate tweeters. The latter provides an element of stereo sound from what is a single speaker. This makes them a great choice for smaller rooms with limited ceiling space.

IMPORTANT: Single stereo speakers have separate left/right inputs and must therefore be treated as a stereo pair for wiring. Although they are a single speaker, they must be wired with either a 4-core cable or 2x 2-core cables to enable the wiring of both the left and right channels. A common installation mistake is to assume that a single stereo speaker only needs one cable because it is one speaker. It is not possible to wire a single stereo speaker to a stereo amplifier with a single 2-core cable. Please contact us if you require any assistance.

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