Please note all Sonos products now come with a 6 year warranty from 1st March 2021

    Here you can find a SONOS package perfect for your needs, whether that's audio for one room, a multi-room solution or even the whole house. Using our unique filter system you can select the type and size of your room, the type of speaker and the audio quality you want to achieve, within your budget.

    This is a list of packages consisting of 1 x SONOS Amp and 1 (Single Stereo for Bathrooms), 2 , 4 or even 6 in-ceiling or outdoor speakers from the best brands in the UK market.

    If you are looking for a multi-room system solution you will need a SONOS Amp (upto a Max of 32 Zones) per Room/Zone you require music in.

    Check out our Sonos Amp Test and Review Video and Blog Post.

    If you require assistance with picking the right SONOS System or want some more information about a product, please do not hesitate to contact us or give us a call on 03456 804 104.

    Browse and find the perfect system solution for your home.