Kitchen / Living Room Speakers

Large rooms such as open plan kitchen and living spaces will benefit from the better bass response and higher power handing of speakers with larger drive units.

The following in-ceiling speakers feature 8" drive units or bigger for maximum performance in larger spaces. The total number of speakers required for a large or open plan space will depend on the area and room layout. A medium sized lounge maybe sufficient with a pair of 8" speakers, whereas an open plan kitchen/dining area would likely require 4 speakers for good coverage and best performance.

PLEASE NOTE: When connecting multiple speakers of this type to a stereo amplifier you must use an even number of speakers. Typically a stereo amplifier can drive 2 or 4 speakers. If the amplifier has sufficient power then it may be able to drive 6 speakers, but to ensure safe load matching, we would always recommend that this is done via a speaker switch.

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