Monitor Audio CLG160 Outdoor Speaker Brown (Each)

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*** The speakers will require a spike or a bracket in order to be installed. These need to be purchased separately ***

Also these speakers have an in built Transformer, they need to run from a 70v/100v Line Amplifier, or can be daisy chained from the Monitor Audio CLG Subwoofers ..

Discreet all-weather satellite design brings natural full-range audio to gardens of any size Designed for excellent concealment in any garden landscape, the new Climate Garden System will transfer our award-winning hi-fi audio quality from home to garden, providing music lovers with the lifestyle experience of big, wide, detailed sound in the great outdoors. Its super-discreet all-weather satellite/subwoofer design has been beautifully and expertly engineered by Monitor Audio for ground level installation amongst shrubs and trees to deliver a luxury blend of unobtrusive aesthetics and natural full-range audio in gardens of any size. The system comprises the Climate CLG140 and CLG160 satellite speakers and the CLG-W12 subwoofer. With up to twelve satellites in each line arrays per subwoofer, the system is expandable with additional satellite and subwoofer sets according to garden area.

Suitable for ground level installation within the garden and around decking areas or mounted onto a tree, pole or garden fence, the new CLG160 speaker features a rigid polymer shell which ensures it is resilient to extreme weather conditions.

Installation is simple, thanks to the requirement for the speaker to be wired in a mono configuration and powered by one amplifier channel. The other amplifier channel can be used to power the subwoofer. This configuration allows the levels between bass and mid-high range to be easily equalised. Alternatively, the system can be designed to provide stereo operation if desired by creating stereo left/right zones.

Despite being installed outside, the aesthetics of the speakers are just as important. Finished in dark brown, the CLG160 blends seamlessly into this environment to provide high quality sound for outdoor entertainment, whilst not distracting from the landscape. The speaker casing can be painted a different colour, if required.


  • Purposely designed 6" MMP II bass-mid range driver
  • 25 mm C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter – coaxially mounted
  • 70/100v line level operation –internal matching transformer
  • Tree or pole mounting possible with additional fixings
  • Garden spike (CLG-SPIKE R) and mount (CLG-MOUNT) available separately
  • PTC overload protection against power overload

*** The speakers will require a spike or a bracket in order to be installed. These need to be purchased separately ***

Monitor Audio CLG160 Outdoor Speaker Brown (Each)

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