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B&W CCM362 Ceiling Speakers (Pair)
Luke Joseph (Upminster, GB)
B & W CCM362 ceiling speakers

Great quality speakers, put these in a outside outhouse, sound quality is very good and looks amazing on ceiling

Excellent Service

Bought some kef ceiling speakers and firehoods , firehoods were too big, managed to send those back without any issues whatsoever , speakers are great

Faulty speakers replaced

Excellent customer service after by Rock Garden speakers became faulty. Speakers were under warranty and they were swiftly replaced by the company. Brilliant thanks

Wharfdale ceiling speakers

Excellent speakers. Installed during build of an extension and now hooked up to an old technics amp and alexa. Brilliant sound quality voice control and no visible speaker wires.

Fabulous Ceiling Speaker

Bought this and installed in my living room by my technician. Delivery seamless. Product intact as described. Fantastic base, crisp sound with my Tibo amp. I recommend. Simply fabulous

B&W CCM665 Ceiling Speakers

Great speakers which sound and look very good and at a fair price. Very good support from Tom and the team as one of the speakers didnt work and arranged for the new ones to be delivered and the old one collected without a problem. All round good experience with the company

Lithe ip44 Bluetooth 5,0 Ceiling Speaker

Firstly fantastic help & guidance from Speaker World, after installation, connecting Bluetooth & Alexa I am well pleased. Considering other Bathroom.

Great sound and service from Ceiling speaker world

Great sound quality from the Lithe Audio IP44 Bathroom speakers, the team went the extra mile to advise what speakers would be best suited and built a pacake according to my specific requirements

Unreal speaker system!

Such an awesome speaker system, pretty each to set up and use. Great sound! Loving Sonos!

Ceiling speaker hoods

Order was delivered very quickly and found the company to be be very helpful, kept me informed and got the order to me quicker then expected. As for the hoods I cannot comment on how they perform with regards to fire protection and whilst they do stop some sound in the rooms above they do not stop all sound. It’s not a fault of the hoods but please don’t buy hoods expecting all sound to be contained.

KEF Ci4100QL THX In Wall Speaker (Each)
Dean Smith (Coventry, GB)
Great Service

I have used ceiling speaker world a couple of times now and the always deliver great service and quick delivery. They offer excellent advice on the products.

Excellent customer service. Friendly and very helpful highly recommended.

B&W CCM362 Ceiling Speakers (Pair)
Stephen Dawes (Leyton, GB)
B&W CCM362 Ceiling Speakers

The majority of my speakers are B&W as I like the quality and warmth of the sound. These were very easy to install and also look good. The price at the time of purchase was one of the best I could find and to be fair I can not fault the service that was provided.

Excellent package, speakers are superb

Speakers match Sonos Amp very well, room size just over 5m x 5m with high ceilings and this is plenty loud enough. Sound quality is superb.
Only issue is Sonos Amp itself which is great when it works but suffers constant connectivity issues, the problem with the source being wireless. Ours is an old house with thick walls and even with range extenders we keep getting dropouts which may last second, minutes or hours.

SAC CX16/2 2-Core LSOH Speaker Cable
Nicholas F (London, GB)
Good quality insulated speaker cable

Suitable for run in ceiling

Monitor Audio CL60-T2 Outdoor Speaker (Each)
Adrian Howard (Rochester, GB)

Monitor Audio CL60-T2 Outdoor Speaker (Each)

First class

Bowers & Wilkins For Top Sound And Easy To Fit. Highly Recommended.

The choice of speaker brand was easy, just the model to consider. As they are for Atmos duties and not mains, the decision was easy and confirmed as the best choice by CSW and Bowers & Wilkins.
Fitting was easy. Very well thought out by B & W having a template for the cut-out and frame that inserts in the ceiling with 'dogs' that are swivelled into place and pressed down onto the top of the ceiling after inserting the frame. The frame has the wire connections so this can be done before inserting the frame into the ceiling. After inserting the frame it is just a case on inserting the speaker into the frame by orientating it to align with the connectors and pressing home the three retainers. A breeze. The hardest parts are selecting the correct locations for Atmos whilst avoiding mains wiring, pipework, Structural supports, ceiling plasterboard battens and running the wires to the amplifier.
Took about a day for four speakers, taking my time and double checking everything including using a continuity tester to ensure correct wires went to each speaker and the polarity was correct. I used two lengths of four core install cable.
Very neat once completed with the grills on.
I recommend CSW whole heartedly too. I have reviewed them at length elsewhere.

Fabulous sound

No regrets about buying these small but gorgeous-sounding speakers.

Monitor Audio MA-SM Bracket (Each)
Simon Dickson (Lymington, GB)
They work a treat!

Speakers held in place nicely. Look and sound great.

Elipson Connect 250

I'm satisfied with the performance of the product so far, but I'm not quite happy with the use of two separate apps routine of ...one to activate Bluetooth connection and the second one to link/ control the sound output.

I have not been able to find in the market any or compactible Base module amplifiers for Elipson. Please, can anybody recommend where to get a Base module amplifiers for use with Elipson connect 250?

Q Install QI 65CP In Ceiling Speaker (Each)
Christopher Carey (Merthyr Tydfil, GB)
Excellent service

First class customer service. Speakers arrived within a day or two. I have previously bought 2 of the same speakers for my home cinema atmos and can highly recommend them, excellent value for money and simple to install with a great build quality.

Q Install QI 65C In Ceiling Speakers (Pair)
ian wilson (Nottingham, GB)

Major difference to our home cinema sounds bargain

Monitor audio speakers and Sonos amp

Products arrived promptly and are great quality and competitively priced. Good advice given on location of ceiling speakers.