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The New Sonos Amp - Review

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Sonos Amp


The Sonos Amp is the latest dedicated amplifier from Sonos. Sporting a sleek new black design, the Amp improves on the flexibility and ease of set up and use that made the previous model one of our best selling products.


1. More Power

2. More Connectivity

3. More Control

4. In Summary

5. VIDEO - Unboxing, Set Up and Testing Review




Sonos Amp More Power

The new Amp boasts an increased 125 watts per channel compared to the 55 watts of the Connect:Amp, meaning not only is there enough power to drive almost any speakers, they will also be able to reach their true audio potential. The Amp is perfectly capable of serving larger zones, introducing a ‘dual mono’ setting that sends left and right channels to a mono speaker for balanced sound across larger areas, as well as being the first Sonos Amp able to drive three pairs of speakers, allowing for a six speaker zone (assuming that they are 8 ohm). We personally tested this in our unboxing and testing video and were very impressed, you can watch the video below.


Sonos Amp Back


In terms of wired connectivity, the amplifier boasts a thoughtful arrangement of connections, making set up easy. Along with analogue inputs for a turntable, CD player or computer the Amp now features a HDMI input with ARC (Audio Return Channel), meaning you can connect your TV to your sound system and enjoy stereo or even surround sound when watching your favourite films or shows. An adapter is also available if your TV has a Digital Optical out. The threaded speaker connections for left and right channels are a standard diameter, meaning you can remove them and use ‘banana’ speaker plugs should you wish to.

The plugs that come with the Amp are a nice touch as well, allowing you to secure the speaker cable before plugging them into the Amp. This saves you fumbling about at awkward angles trying to get it through the holes as was the case with the Connect:AMP.

Bespoke Sonos accessory manufacturer Flexson has also designed some dedicated brackets for the Amp, allowing wall mounting of one or four Amps, as well as a dock that accommodates four Amps vertically.



Airplay 2 Logo


The set up using the SONOS app is still very easy and can usually be done in under five minutes. The app allows you to stream from your personal library, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and a whole host of other streaming services, as well as select which zones you would like music to play in. The inclusion of Apple’s updated Airplay 2 technology means that should you wish to use a streaming service’s app directly, you can simply press the Airplay button on the desired app (provided it supports Airplay) and select the Amp to play through. It’s seamless, simple and just works!


SOnos Amp Lifestyle Pic


The new Sonos Amp boasts more power in terms of an updated 125 watts per channel, more connectivity via a host of wired connections including a new HDMI ARC input, and more control via the updated SONOS App and inclusion of Airplay 2. It is a sleek, thoughtful, modern redesign of one of our best selling Amps.


VIDEO - Unboxing, Set Up and Testing Review 


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