The Lithe Audio Range Explained + Video

Lithe Audio Range


Whilst Lithe Audio is a relative newcomer to the installed speaker scene their products have ushered in a new approach to the industry. By using integrated amplifiers in their speakers, Lithe Audio provide a ‘plug and play’ solution that was previously unavailable for home audio solutions - they have even just won an ‘Innovation of the Year’ award from Smart Home Sounds for their efforts. This blog post will attempt to explain all of the products in their range and help you decide which one is best for you. 


1. WiFi In-Ceiling Speakers

2. Bluetooth In-Ceiling Speakers

3. Passive In-Ceiling Speakers

4. Garden Speakers

In Summary + Video 



Lithe WiFi

Lithe Audio's WiFi speakers are an ideal solution for in-ceiling audio, especially if you want audio in more than one zone or room/area. They allow you to send audio to your speakers via the Lithe Audio app, Spotify Connect or Airplay using a WiFi connection, meaning you can select something to play and then continue using your device as normal.

WiFi provides a strong, reliable connection (provided your home wireless network is a good strength) and also allows the option for multiple zones to be set up on the same network, meaning you can select which zones you would like your audio to play in. As a stand-alone speaker, the WiFi model sounds good, but if the zone you are placing it in is larger than approximately 3m x 3m then we recommend using an additional connected passive ‘slave’ speaker to better fill the room with sound. If the zone is bigger than approximately 5m x 5m then four speakers would be ideal. If you are after a simple whole-house audio solution, these are the speakers for you!

The Lithe Audio WiFi in-ceiling speakers are available in two models:

Lithe WiFi Standard Speaker6.5” - The standard WiFi model includes a 6.5-inch bass driver and a 25mm tweeter, as well as the built-in amplifier with WiFi connectivity.

Lithe WiFi IP 6.5” IP44 - This speaker is identical to the 6.5 inch WiFi speaker but has the addition of being IP44 rated, making it suitable for use in environments such as bathrooms where moisture is present.










Lithe Bluetooth Speakers

Lithe Audio's Bluetooth in-ceiling models are perfect for when you want a simple, direct connection to your speakers. Simply turn on Bluetooth on your device, look for the speaker and connect - any audio you play on your device will then play through the speakers. Bluetooth connectivity is ideal for single zones; whilst multiple zones are possible with the Bluetooth speakers, due to the limitations with selecting specific zones to play audio in and the difficulty running the jack cable that links the speakers between zones we would highly recommend using the WiFi speakers to achieve this.

A single Lithe Audio Bluetooth speaker sounds good, but as is true of the WiFi model if the zone is larger than 3m x 3m then we recommend using a second passive ‘slave’ speaker, and if it is larger than 5m x 5m then we would recommend using the WiFi model. If you only wanted ceiling speakers in one room in your home then these are an ideal solution.

The Lithe Audio Bluetooth Speakers are available in two models:

Lithe Bluetooth 6.5” - The standard Bluetooth model includes a 6.5-inch bass driver and a 25mm tweeter, as well as the built-in amplifier with Bluetooth connectivity.

Lithe Bluetooth IP6.5” IP44 - This speaker is identical to the 6.5-inch Bluetooth speaker but has the addition of being IP44 rated, making it suitable for use in environments such as bathrooms where moisture is present. 


Lithe Audio Passive Speakers

Now we come to Lithe Audio’s passive in-ceiling speakers. Passive speakers require an amplifier to power them - they are not able to produce sound without one. While this may sound like the opposite of Lithe Audio’s ‘plug and play’ philosophy, they have actually designed their passive range with the intention of being powered by their Bluetooth or WiFi speakers, meaning you can buy one active speaker and one passive speaker and experience true stereo sound in a zone. They can then be configured to produce stereo sound as a left and right channel speaker pair or to both reproduce the same mono signal. They can also be powered by a conventional standalone amplifier should you wish to use one.

There are four passive in-ceiling speakers available from Lithe:

Lithe Passive 3" Speaker3” – A smaller passive speaker with a 3-inch bass driver and a 25mm tweeter, ideal for situations where installation space is limited.

Lithe Audio Passive Speaker6.5 - The standard passive speaker, featuring a 6.5-inch bass driver and a 25mm tweeter. Perfect for any standard indoor zone.

Lithe Passive IP Speaker6.5” IP44 - This speaker is identical to the 6.5-inch passive speaker but is also IP44 rated, making it suitable for use in environments such as bathrooms where moisture is present.

Lithe Audio SST Passive SpeakerSST 6.5” Dual Tweeter - This speaker also has a 6.5-inch bass driver but features two 25mm tweeters instead of one, allowing true stereo sound to be produced.


Lithe Audio Rock Speakers 

Lithe Audio also makes a range of rock shaped speakers, useful for when you want to fill your garden with sound but don’t want obtrusive speakers ruining your perfect pruning. Whilst there is no WiFi option available there is a Bluetooth and a passive model, meaning you can still control two speakers as long as they are connected to each other with speaker cable, or if two passive speakers are connected to a standalone amplifier.

Lithe Audio Rock Speaker



Lithe Audio’s range of speakers allow for multi-room solutions in the form of the WiFi speakers, single-zone solutions with the Bluetooth speakers and even bathroom and garden audio solutions through their IP rated and rock speakers. If you don’t want to go down a route that involves a separate amplifier to power speakers, Lithe Audio’s products are the most viable option available - we look forward to seeing what they come up with next!

Check out our video explanation below:


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