Best Monitor Audio Ceiling Speakers

Best Monitor Audio Ceiling Speakers

, by Sam Taylor, 3 min reading time

We are often asked about our most popular speakers, and whether we have any favourite models. We've already covered this in a very general sense in our blog post about The Best Ceiling Speakershowever, we now plan to run a short series of posts about our preferred models from specific manufacturers.


Today we would like to explain our favourite choices from Monitor Audio.

Best Monitor Audio Ceiling Speakers


Our top five Monitor Audio ceiling speakers:

Monitor Audio CP-CT260 In Ceiling SpeakerC265-IDC - £230

A superb speaker. A three-way design with separate bass, midrange and treble drivers for exceptional frequency separation and very wide sound dispersion. An aluminium bass driver gives a clean, crisp sound, the additional midrange driver works extremely well with vocals and dialogue and Monitor Audio's famous gold dome tweeter gives smooth and detailed high frequencies. Ideal for Dolby Atmos applications among many others.

CS180R - £165

An excellent all-rounder, packing an 8" bass driver into a compact and slim chassis more similar to that of a speaker with a smaller driver. Suited to a wide range of applications and great for filling large spaces with sound despite its small overall size. One of our all-time best-sellers.


C165-T2 - £145

An entry-level single stereo speaker. However, it still packs MA's famous gold-dome tweeter and in various guises, this has sold thousands of units over the years. It is hard to find fault with such a well-made product at this price point.


C380-IDC - £330

A relative to the C265-IDC, the C380-IDC uses a larger 8" bass driver from MA's Gold series (as opposed to the Silver series driver found in the C265-IDC) and again features an independent midrange and treble driver. A superb speaker and the one which spent the longest time employed in our office here at SAC! This punches well above its weight in our opinion.

CP-CT260 - £200

The CP range features an integrated rear enclosure across all models and the CP-CT260 also uses drivers from MA's Silver series. It gives a really good sound quality from a relatively small volume of air within the enclosure as well as the advantage of lower sound transfer between floors




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